May Pattern Review

4 May

May Pattern Review

Cost: $10.15 online  {I got it from Joann’s in-store and paid around $4, so awesome!}

Size: N/A

I picked up this cute doll pattern to make for my daughter’s first birthday. If you have a little boy or girl you’re looking to whip up a gift for, look no further, this was an easy project and it turned out great!

I cut the pieces for the actual doll, dress, cape, hat and shoes, but I have only actually sewn the doll and dress. My daughter is too young to “dress” the doll, it just acts as a snuggles toy for Lovie.

I loved the pattern:

  • Versatility. I felt that I had a lot of choices, hair, dress, gender even! Add in fabric selection, and your little one’s doll will be as unique as she is.
  • Hand sewn face, it’s simple enough for a non-hand-sewer, and looks modern. I also love that this particular face is gentle, some dolls come across as scary to me. {Ok, most dolls are scary to me} Lovie enjoys the dolls face and gives her many kisses.
  • Interchangeable outfits. The patterns are simple, easy and quick to sew. In the future they will be great as base patterns if I feel like sewing more of a wardrobe for Love’s doll.
  • Fast project! For Doll and Dress total sewing time was roughly 2 hours.
Oops, not so great:
  • Really tiny arms, which were hard to turn and really hard to stuff. This was by far what took me the longest during the project.
  • Feet. Ok, part of this was my fault in not taking my time to read the pattern well enough. I attached the feet wrong, because I thought the pattern told me to line up seams, but I was wrong. She has duck feet. {Lovie needs to learn to love flawed people, so I left it… also I noticed it after I was finished and didn’t want to un-stuff the doll to resew!}
  • Butt. If I were to make another doll using this pattern, I would weigh the butt {maybe feet too} with sawdust or sand. This doll does not sit on her own, she slumps over, which is ok for us right now because she mainly stays in the toy stroller.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with how this doll turned out. I found the pattern to be quick and simple to sew. Highly recommended as a base doll pattern.

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