Circle Skirt

9 May

I finished the circle skirt! Well, for the most part. As simple as that pattern was, I made it hard!

I was inspired here. Finished skirt:

I picked a fabric that would lay nicely, almost like a scarf {sateen}, that I had in my stash. It does lay nicely over my hips and it does’t add girth, which is an improvement over the gather waist for my body type, but this was my first time working with a slick fabric, so I had some learning to do.

For the pattern, I just browsed the good ol’ interwebs and found a couple circle skirt DIYs. Great! Free pattern, really just instructions, but hey, it’s still awesome. I feel like I should have just picked one and went with it, I think my measurements were slightly off, and I was adding a waistband that didn’t exist in the instructions. So, next time I know. I think I rushed a little too, since I was behind on the weekly challenge as well. {It turned out a little too big, so I need to adjust that in the future if I want to wear it on the outside of a shirt, high-waisted}

The next roadblock was the zipper. Originally, I cut the skirt as a whole circle. If I had done an elastic waistband instead of a self and zipper, I would have just sewn it on, done. Easy. But, I didn’t, and I had to create a seam all the way down the skirt to sew in the invisible zipper. I tried once without it, and it failed. Once I made a new seam specifically for the zipper, the zipper looked beautiful.

Next I used bias tape to finish it off, that went so well! I have one spot I missed, and had to go back to resew, but overall I loved this finishing method!

I learned a LOT during this challenge. Next time I sew an invisible zipper, I’ll feel confident. I had never used bias tape before, and I’m officially in love. I’m still not as confident with sateen fabrics, but practice make perfect!

Stay tuned for the next challenge, which is inspired by my mother’s rockin old t in an old photo!


One Response to “Circle Skirt”

  1. Zoe April 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    I like the fabric you chose, it really makes the skirt. Circle skirts can get a bit tricky, often the hemline can be uneven but your skirt looks great!


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