We All Sew Challenge

18 May

I am so excited to share my We All Sew Challenge entry with you guys!

I missed the first one, but I finished the second one and submitted it today, so cross your fingers! Mama could use $1000 in Bernina money, or heck that fancy pants embroidery machine at the end as a grand prize! I got to mess around with my grandmother’s Bernina embroidery machine a couple months ago, and let’s just say I haven’t stopped thinking about it since! That thing is NICE!

Today, though, the challenge was to upcycle something into home decor.

What better way to decorate my home, than a pin cushion/thread catcher? Honestly, I feel so official sewing with this baby right next to me and I move from room to room a lot for cutting fabric, so this is an amazing upgrade to my setup. I used to have all of my pins in a clear box, that got tipped from time to time. The panic that followed that was nothing short of hysterical since I have two toddlers running around underfoot. So now I am worry free!

Materials Upcycled:

-Upholstery fabric samples that would have been thrown out by the store owner

-Heavy door hinges that weren’t being used

-Plastic coated wire from an electronic device that was broken

-Old pillow stuffing

I followed this pattern. I did some things a bit differently, but not too much. I learned how to make a clean looking bottom from her and LOVE this bit of information, and could have used it several weeks ago while sewing a cell phone holder for my accident prone sister. I couldn’t be more happy with the way this turned out! It really is perfect!

Here is my official entry. Are there any other contests of this nature floating around the interwebs? Please share, they are so much fun!

2 Responses to “We All Sew Challenge”

  1. Carola at 2:09 pm #

    ROFL, i love how you feel so “official” using your pin cushion/thread bin thing. I love it! And want one too now!!


    • sew20something at 2:31 pm #

      It’s the small things, haha! I encourage you to give it a go, really it was very easy, and I still love it!


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