7 Jun



There are two months of the year that I have to prepare for in advance to make handmade gifts. December and July, sure other people I love have birthdays in other months but somehow these two months have produced the most people. I have 1 mother, 1 nephew, 2 nieces, and one newborn birthday in December and then Christmas to think about!
Then July, my son’s birthday, his best friend’s {my best friend’s daughter} birthday the week before, my best friend’s birthday the week of my son’s, then my niece the week after.
As you can see, this time of year I’m stressing to get things done. This year I am totally late in my ideas and trying started so I am trying to play catch-up.
I found some adorable fabrics for the little girls with July birthdays and I’m attempting my first mini quilt for them! It will have ribbons running from top to bottom to hold headbands and clips. I’ll also be attempting to hand embroider their names, we’ll see how it view and I’ll take progress pictures as I go. So wish me luck!

Anyone else have too many birthdays in one or two months instead of staggered? I’d love to hear about it!


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