June Sewing Woes

27 Jun

Here I am excited to get my new sewing machine, and a slew of projects to work on for handmade gifts in June, nothing could bring my sewing down! Right? Nope. The beautiful weather sure does, but honestly, I can’t complain.

My sewing table is in the basement, I share half of our “finished” basement with my children’s playroom. It’s not very basement-y down there but when the weather is nice and the kids are ready to play outside non-stop, it’s kinda hard to resist for the sake of sewing! I would love to be working on the many projects I have going on, but with that sun warming everything and the slight breeze, my projects can wait. I’ve been running as well, in this beautiful weather, which also cuts into my night-time sewing. One plus to that is I have been thinking of sewing a new cell phone arm band for my runs {anyone have a good pattern??} so that I don’t have to hold my phone just to track my miles.

I’m getting the itch again. The urge to do more than JUST hand embroidery, and I do have a bit more gifts to complete. So I’m anticipating a resurgence soon. In the meantime, take a look at my two mini loves. Aren’t they the cutest?


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