July Handmade Gift Number 3

17 Jul

Here’s the finished product! This was a quilted bow clip holder for my niece turning 5!  I learned from the first one I did. I cut the batting thickness in half, started the ribbons from below the embroidery, and omitted the hanging loops on the back since those didn’t get used. I made a little clip to put on this time too, which I would love to make more of!
One thing I messed up on was the binding. I attached it to the wrong side of the quilt first, so the top stitching didn’t look very clean as I finished it off. So next time, I’ll make sure to do it right! I didn’t take a picture of the hand stitching I did for her name, but it was a block lettering, and I thought it turned out to be really cute! I centered everything correctly this time, and did the piecing BEFORE the hand stitching, which turned out much better. The next one I’ll make will have wider strips at the top for larger name embroidery, and at least one headband ribbon running down.

Any other suggestions??


4 Responses to “July Handmade Gift Number 3”

  1. pillowsalamode July 17, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    SO cute!!! 🙂


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