How To Dress Myself

31 Jul

Hello! It’s been a while! I am slowly gathering up some inspiration for some major projects headed my way, which include but aren’t limited to a winter jacket for me and my kids! I’m SO excited!
I also found the loveliest of blogs. The blogger is a curvy girl with beautiful full curly hair, just like me! And she dresses herself impeccably. Her blog is called Girl With Curves. If I had her sense of style and wardrobe I would be one happy girl! So I decided to start using her for inspiration as to what to make for myself. If I follow her silhouette, I would be making clothes that fit my body better. And why else would I sew, if not to fit clothes to MY body? So I thought I would lay out what I would like to make myself this year based on her styles.

Coat: Classic, Fancy

Pants: High, Bold

Skirt: Light, Structured

Belts: Skinny, Thick

She’s beautiful, and I am really excited to get start! I really feel like this could be a turning point for me!

What’s your favorite outfit that she has in her gallery?


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    […] simply don’t fit. partly because I have had them since high school, and partly because my body has changed in the last 4 years. I also took a pledge not to buy ready-to-wear clothing along with […]


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