Expanding a Sweater

21 Aug

This sweater was extremely small in the arms. My dad works for Abercrombie & Fitch, and he was lucky enough to go to a sample sale. I was thrilled to receive a few bags from said sale, but he accidentally grabbed a couple bags that were smalls and boys smalls, even! I took two sweaters and combined them to make a sweater that fits!





I liked the blue and grey stripe cardigan better, after all, fall is coming! The grey hoodie is the softest stretch cotton ever, so I knew I wanted to use it as well, but it fit way too tight all around, and was better used as the “doner” sweater! {I’m going to start a old clothing box and call it the organ doner box!} You could use a doner shirt that has less contrast and the style will blend in better. I like the color blocking effect this one had.

1. Cut up side seams and down arm seams of the sweater you want to alter.

2. Cut 2-3 inch strips from the organ doner shirt. {I cut from the side seams and arm seams on this one too, because they were similar in length… less measuring, yay!}

3. Sew right sides together. Mine were both super stretch knits, so I used a serger. Use your best judgement on what works for your altered garment. Woven shirts can be sewn using a straight stitch, and knits can be sewn with a zig-zag or serger.

4. Wear it. Accept compliments.


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