Finished Halloween Costume

24 Oct

An old friend contacted me and asked me if I could follow this tutorial for her for a Carrie Bradshaw {Sex and the City} Halloween costume. It looked simple enough and I was ahead of the game on my Christmas gifts sewing, so I took it on.

She found her own thrifted slip to sew the tulle onto, and away we went.

The tutorial was not too bad, although she wasn’t clear on the closure. My friend din’t want the big bow, so we used clips to make a belt for the satin band. The very top layer of tulle is actually attached to the satin band. About half way through, i realized that the tutorial skirt was actually more like an apron. She tired the whole thing together and didn’t slip it on using the elastic of a slip. So I improvised. I kept the elastic in tact and used my handy new sewing on jersey techniques, so it’s still functional {hence the satin belt instead of permanent attachment}. Because of the elastic already being in place, I also had a hard time getting even layers all the way down, although it’s not noticeable when someone is wearing it, it’s one of those perfectionist things that bothers me. If I had to do it over, I would just make the skirt from scratch instead of using a thrifted slip, or make it apron style instead.

After I snapped these photos, I realized the bottom layer was a bit too low, so I took it up an inch. It now sits underneath the middle layer nicely! Overall I am really happy with the end product, and hopefully my friend is as well!


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