On Sewing and Ohio Weather

28 Mar

Spring in Ohio is fickle. Last week it snowed two inches on Monday and on Wednesday it was almost 60 and I had a lovely evening in the warm sun enjoying watching my son’s soccer practice. Three days later his game was canceled because of cold weather and a frozen ground. Maybe I belong in Ohio, because I can’t make up my mind either.
This winter weather lingering into spring has actually given me more time to sew and think about future sewing.  It’s nice to get outside, but it’s also nice to sit in my warm sewing room! I’m taking advantage. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Forgive the randomness here. I’ve been bouncing around a whole bunch, and can’t make up my mind on what to focus on.


I made another Renfrew. It needs a hem, but I haven’t officially made up my mind on what to do with it yet. If I put a band on it, it would be too bulky to wear under this adorable skirt. If I hem it as is, it’s a bit too short for my taste. Decisions, decisions. (Please excuse my kids’ gross mirror, I’m Spring sewing, not cleaning)


I love the Heather grey of this fabric, but it’s not very comfortable. It’s probably 100% polyester since it was given to me in a grandma stash from the 70s. It’s not terrible, though. We’ll see if I wear it enough when push comes to shove. I have another one cut out just like this one only I want a high low hem with a printed fabric for the back panel. More like a tunic to wear over leggings.

Speaking of leggings, I also refashioned a pair of leggings. I added a velvet stripe down each leg. Olive won’t stop touching them because it’s so soft.


Next up I started researching a dress to make for the two weddings later this year. I fell in love with one from modcloth, but I can not find a pattern close enough to replicate. So I thought I’d mess around with some draping. This might turn into nothing…. or something… it’s fun to play around at least. I’m just getting started there, the other shoulder would hypothetically mirror the other side. Also, the fabric I fell in love with for this dream dress is crazy nuts expensive. Especially for someone who normally buys my fabric for free from my stash. I might be dreaming, here.


Last but not least, I actually did buy some fabric to make Keith a work shirt!


It’s a nice blue Oxford,  and I’m excited to get started on it. But first I’m sewing up a wearable muslin for him in easter fabric. He promised he’d wear it to work. He’s a fan of wearing things as a joke. He loves hokey Christmas sweaters and even wore as ascot to work once as a bet.



He’ll probably only wear it once, but that’s the ultimate test of how well the pattern fits, right? Wear it for a whole day and you’re sure to find out where it can be improved. I can’t wait to get started on his real work shirts, though. He’s been in need for so long!

So that’s it for my spring sewing. It’s scatter brained and going in spurts with the weather, but I’m thankful for the time I’ve been given to indulge. 
Happy sewing!


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