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Old Baby Towels Turned Into Robes

14 Mar


I had a heaping stack of baby towels we were using on these  kids that did absolutely nothing for drying them or keeping them warm after showers anymore.  Apparently I don’t have babies anymore. In fact,  as of tomorrow,  I’ll have a 4 year old and a 5 (and a half) year old.  Yes,  not babies.  Not even close.
But I am a sucker for keeping fabric around, even if it’s in the form of hooded towels.  And you know what?  I’m glad I did.  Because I finally had the idea to turn all those towels into some robes for the kids. 
They love them.  I love them. Win. Win. 

(And this in no way is helping my fabric hoarding addiction)


What Happened to January AND February? !

28 Feb

It has certainly been too long since my last post but I promise it’s not for lack of sewing. I have been a busy bee!
I finally got myself a Renfrew during that fabulous birthday sale she had going on up there. Thank you Sewaholic, I’m not sure how I managed to survive this long without this pattern. I will be making a billion of these. Here’s my first one, I love it!  


I got an itch to purchase a high waisted swimsuit and decided to cut up a suit I already had instead. It’s way more flattering on my short torso than the original suit, I feel it is modest enough for me to feel comfortable and my husband approves. Win win win. I love the way it turned out! And I am excited for this negative degree weather to start hiking back up so Spring can come and then turn to Summer so I can take this baby for a swim. 


I’ve been slowly working on reorganizing my sewing room. I made a better work flow station, added a TV for Netflix and music (amazing addition! I’m currently working my way through Parenthood and it’s the and added these organizers behind my machine to help organize my current projects. I love that I have a few clear pockets right in view to hold my booklets, measurements, and phone. It’s pretty daggon amazing, actually.




I am also trying to figure out what to do with my abundance of polyester. I have a closet full of fabrics I can’t get rid of but I probably won’t sew into wearable garments. I am finding that I enjoy the feel of fabrics and I put that above pattern If it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it…even if it’s a really cool retro floral.
Over the holidays I won a pattern from The Brooklyn Pattern Company.  It’s adorable. I worked with some vintage cotton and an old men’s button up to make one for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. I haven’t gotten a final picture of it yet, but here’s a sneak peak.


To top it off I have altered a few of my spring wardrobe pieces and added an eyelet white peasant style top sewn from my stash and a vintage pattern. Pictures in the future.
There are a million more things I want to share but I think I’ll end here for now.

I really do hope to keep the blog more updated as I go along especially with how much of my wardrobe is becoming me made!

Sewing Birthday Gifts December 2014

21 Nov Sew20Something

Every year as October approaches I start to plan out my gift ideas for my nieces’ and nephew’s birthdays.

I also plan Christmas at the same time, because they all fall very close together. I have to plan ahead if I want to be prepared, and I try to be as frugal as possible. I always try to use fabrics I have, and this year I was successful in not even having to buy any notions! I patted myself on the back.

Anyway, I am completely done with birthdays and really, almost done with Christmas! This year I even have enough time to sew my own kid’s P.J.s for Christmas! I’m so excited.

Ok, here’s where I warn the family members, if you have a child that I know and love and their birthday is coming up in late November or early December, I am spoiling things for you. If they are puttering behind you as you read this and you want them to be surprised on their birthday, close the window NOW!

If you want to be surprised on their birthdays, close the window NOW!

If you are a completely random visitor to my site and I do not know you personally, welcome, I’m glad your here, continue reading if you’d like, but don’t tell my nieces’ and nephew what they’re getting unless you want to break their hearts. (Don’t do that, I love them, and I do not want their hearts broken)

So here goes:

Birthday #1 is for my niece who is turning 2 (WHAT?!? that’s not possible, I still call her a baby). I used this free pattern from PiePie Designs. It’s called the Izzy top and I love the price tag on this top pattern. The instructions were simple and well done, but not printed with the pattern, she has them as a sew along on her blog. I ended up making a few of these in varying sizes for assorted birthday and Christmas gifts. This one is a size 2T


I used an old sweater that I accidentally washed and shrunk for the front bodice and a really springy, GLITTERY, knit for the skirt. I nixed the button closure in the back and made it all one piece all the way across because I was using knits. I also altered the pattern a bit and lowered the neckline in the back, that way her adorable noggin won’t have any trouble getting into it.

This little one’s birthday is in late November, but she celebrates with her brother and sister in the beginning of December, so she’ll receive¬†this just in time to wear to all of her happening Christmas parties, and she’ll happily spread glitter everywhere she goes. Don’t worry, I asked her mom first if this amount of glitter was ok. She said yes.

I also made this one at the same time and with some of the same fabric, along with the same pattern.Sew20Something

This one was for Olive, to wear to Christmas events (her birthday is in March). She has been eyeing this fabric for a year or so, hanging in my stash, and she loves all things glitter. She is very excited, to say the least ūüôā I used a pink cotton for the top here, and completed it as the pattern prints, with a button closure. She just loves it!

Next up are the twinnies. One boy and one girl, turning 4! They have early December birthdays and their mom put an idea in my head that they don’t have big kid hooded towels. I just happened to have inherited some half finished towel projects from one of the grandma fabric stashes, which means I didn’t even have to buy terry cloth! I was beyond thrilled, but I had a challenge, What can I make with these random towel colors? I laid¬†them out and played around. ¬†This is what I came up with.


The clouds are from an old fleece robe I cut up ages ago that had fake lambswool around the cuffs and collar. Just enough for a grouping of clouds on each towel. I love how they turned out, so sunshiney. And the personalized monograms int he middle of each sun makes it all theirs (except that their initials are both M, haha).


Last but certainly not least is my niece who is turning 5. Goodness, these kids are growing fast. For my sweet, soon to be 5, niece I made a blinged out purse. She loves pink and all things sparkly. I actually made this sequined name applique last year, but failed to finish my hand sewn birthday/Christmas gifts (oops), so it got turned into a new thing for this year. I had a lot of fun sewing the sequins on, and I know I got the idea from Pinterest…. somewhere…. but it was a year ago and I honestly don’t remember. I do, however, remember where I got the bag design! I read through this whole “course” on ikatbag, and followed her instructions. What a great resource! I’ll be heading back there again, to get more practice making different kinds of bags!

Sew20Seomthing Sew20Seomthing

That’s it! I finished early this year, and I think they all turned out pretty well. I’m excited to party party party!

Next post will be the handmade Christmas gifts for the kiddos (which might actually include my own children this year, yay!)

Happy Surprise!

8 Oct

I could not be happier to figure out that my sewing machine does little tiny letters!


I never paid attention to that section of buttons because it’s all about memory functions, which I don’t use.


Here I am trying to figure out how to make size tags and all of the sudden I find this little gem hiding in the corner of my machine. This is a game changer! I’m so very excited.

This leads me to realize I really need to take a class on my machine. I would love some more decorative stitches and I have this plate:


Does this mean I can find more stitches sonewhere? I really need to figure that out! Anyone out there have this machine and know the answer?

I Drew a Line, I Drew a Line for You

5 Mar

And it was all yellow:)

I have been absent from documenting, but certainly not absent from the sewing machine! There are so many things I sew for gifts and secrets that I would ruin a surprise if I blogged about it right away!¬†I also have a¬†commissioned¬†project that’s going on right now that is taking up most of my time, and I am loving ever second of it!

In little spurts I have been sewing little things here and there, like a baby shower gift, and Love’s yellow dress to wear for her yellow themed 2nd (what?!?!?!) birthday party next weekend. It was such an easy, simple design, and I am thrilled with the result! Once again, I was able to use fabrics I had in my stash. The neon yellow skirt bottom came from my sister in law who actually got it from her grandmother (my sister in law had this hanging up as make-shift curtains in her master bedroom right after they built there house, and it turned their whole room neon, lol)

The bust and bow fabric is from my great grandmother in a box of unfinished quilting she had.


I just love using these fabrics. I love knowing where they came from, and how many hands have touched this fabric,¬†contemplating what to make with it. I love knowing that my mother’s mother’s mother had UFOs (unfinished Objects) just like me. Maybe she would prefer WIP (work in progress), maybe she wouldn’t, she was¬†pretty¬†feisty:)

Simple Yellow Dress

She used to watch me when I was 3 or 4 and I always loved sneaking into her sewing room. It was a tiny little room that had a mini door leading to it (she was under 5 ft, and her husband was over 6 ft, so I¬†imagine¬†this was quite an escape for her, as he physically wouldn’t be able to fit in this sewing room). I often wonder if these UFOs were sitting there while a secretly glanced around, allowing me to experience this fabric in two different ways within one lifetime. 24 years later I am helping Granny make use of this yellow fabric that she probably lost interest in finishing after chasing after me:)

Simple Yellow Dress

I find it lovely to have these connections with people through fabric, and I pray that someday my children will find¬†unique¬†connections to me and my mother, and her mother and so forth. It may not be fabric, or even something¬†physical, and that’s ok. But for the record, there will probably be a basement full of fabric for them to inherit:)

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