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First Run of Men’s Workshirt

4 Apr


Quick post to show that I finished the first muslin of Keith’s work shirt. The bunny fabric was a hit and everyone got a pretty good laugh at his work.

After wearing it for the day, Keith could tell me it’s pretty baggy in the arms and waist, but fits his chest and shoulders well. Luckily the arms were a good length! So I’ll be taking it down a size in the waist and sleeves, I might even experiment with taking out the pleats in the sleeve. I did not notice those when I got the pattern and I am really not a fan at all. We’ll see what I can do without feeling like I’m messing everything up. I will do another muslin before cutting into the Oxford,  but this time won’t do as much finishing. We’ll just get a better fit and go from there.

One awesome thing I finally figured out was automatic buttonholes! I knew my machine was capable, I just couldn’t figure out how to get the machine to go to the next step. Well, after experimenting and reading forum after forum trying to find someone with my machine, I finally figured out that pressing the quick reverse button at each step of the buttonhole will work beautifully. I also thought I didn’t have a buttonhole foot, because I didn’t have one with a slide. I actually do have a buttonhole foot, that has grooves on the bottom, which I thought was for sewing over cords. Anyway, I’m really excited to get that figured out.

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