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What Happened to January AND February? !

28 Feb

It has certainly been too long since my last post but I promise it’s not for lack of sewing. I have been a busy bee!
I finally got myself a Renfrew during that fabulous birthday sale she had going on up there. Thank you Sewaholic, I’m not sure how I managed to survive this long without this pattern. I will be making a billion of these. Here’s my first one, I love it!  


I got an itch to purchase a high waisted swimsuit and decided to cut up a suit I already had instead. It’s way more flattering on my short torso than the original suit, I feel it is modest enough for me to feel comfortable and my husband approves. Win win win. I love the way it turned out! And I am excited for this negative degree weather to start hiking back up so Spring can come and then turn to Summer so I can take this baby for a swim. 


I’ve been slowly working on reorganizing my sewing room. I made a better work flow station, added a TV for Netflix and music (amazing addition! I’m currently working my way through Parenthood and it’s the best.show.ever) and added these organizers behind my machine to help organize my current projects. I love that I have a few clear pockets right in view to hold my booklets, measurements, and phone. It’s pretty daggon amazing, actually.




I am also trying to figure out what to do with my abundance of polyester. I have a closet full of fabrics I can’t get rid of but I probably won’t sew into wearable garments. I am finding that I enjoy the feel of fabrics and I put that above pattern If it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it…even if it’s a really cool retro floral.
Over the holidays I won a pattern from The Brooklyn Pattern Company.  It’s adorable. I worked with some vintage cotton and an old men’s button up to make one for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. I haven’t gotten a final picture of it yet, but here’s a sneak peak.


To top it off I have altered a few of my spring wardrobe pieces and added an eyelet white peasant style top sewn from my stash and a vintage pattern. Pictures in the future.
There are a million more things I want to share but I think I’ll end here for now.

I really do hope to keep the blog more updated as I go along especially with how much of my wardrobe is becoming me made!


Fabric Organization

24 Jan

I sat down to finish a project tonight {and I finished it! YAY… pictures to come!} and I realized that my fabric is a giant mound of craziness. CRAZINESS. I have gotten a few hand me down boxes fromĀ grandmothersĀ and mothers, and each time I have just thrown it in the sewing area. Then I’m excited to get started on something random, and I rummage through such boxes, spilling them, throwing the random pieces about. There are so many tiny pre-cut quilt squares all over my sewing area, I just simply felt overwhelmed every time I thought about organizing it.


Anyway, tonight, I thought of it, and decided I should get started. I did! I started it, but about half way through I realized I really just realized I don’t know the best way to organize fabric as a clothing sewer. Quilters organize their beautiful quilting cottons (perfectly squarely cut) into color stories. Just like The Cottage Home, she makes children’s clothing, but uses mainly cottons.

But what does great fabric organization look like when it’s not just cotton. When it’s jersey knits, poly blends, cottons, cotton blends, and the mysterious fabrics that come along with inheriting other people’s fabric stashes?

I would love to know how people organize their fashion fabrics! Please give me some pointers, links etc to help me get the ideas flowing! I need inspiration!

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