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Old Baby Towels Turned Into Robes

14 Mar


I had a heaping stack of baby towels we were using on these  kids that did absolutely nothing for drying them or keeping them warm after showers anymore.  Apparently I don’t have babies anymore. In fact,  as of tomorrow,  I’ll have a 4 year old and a 5 (and a half) year old.  Yes,  not babies.  Not even close.
But I am a sucker for keeping fabric around, even if it’s in the form of hooded towels.  And you know what?  I’m glad I did.  Because I finally had the idea to turn all those towels into some robes for the kids. 
They love them.  I love them. Win. Win. 

(And this in no way is helping my fabric hoarding addiction)


How To Save Your Husband’s Favorite Work Shirt

10 Mar

Elbows. My husband has razors for elbows. He’s busted through two shirts this week alone. Luckily for him, the weather is warming up and I can take his beloved work shirts and make them short sleeve work shirts!
Side story: he thought it would be hilarious to hulk the bottom off the sleeve of the first shirt and it ripped it so completely that it was not something I could fix, so don’t let your husbands hulk their sleeves off. Unless he wants to wear a sleeveless shirt to work.


So, first things first. Hack off the end of the sleeve.  I used the elbow hole as a guide and then measured the other sleeve to match.


Turn the shirt inside out and press in 1/4 inch all the way around each sleeve.


Then press the sleeves in again 1 inch, making sure to keep the 1/4 in under. This creates a nice finished hem.


Sew around the sleeves as close to the edge as possible without going over. The sleeve is most likely slightly too big for the new hem, so you’ll want to try your best to ease it in. I had to make a very tiny pleat in each sleeve. Just make sure you line that up on the under side of the arm so it’s not visible.


Press one more time and you’re done! Now kiss your hubs and tell him how much you love him, especially his razor elbows ūüôā

He Finally Settled for a Lobster

31 Oct



I was SO excited for Halloween this year. E’s first year in preschool, and I just knew they would have a costume party. They did, but the ride to get a costume that E wanted to wear was a mess. He changed his mind more than he has about anything else. Usually he knows what he wants and sticks to his guns, but not this time:) He was finally excited when the time came. He even wanted to get dress at home, before he saw other kids wearing costumes!¬†

Add a whole lot of “I don’t want to dress up as anything!”s in between, and this is how our Halloween costume conversations went.

1: Alpha Pig (95% made) 

2: Lobster! (Changed his mind, no lobster)

3: Wyatt from Super Why (Made the Cape, and he refused to wear it)

4: Lobster! (Success!)

We had a better set of eyes but they got lost when we went to the trick or treat at the zoo. That night was a disaster filled with freezing rain and 3 vendors that showed up because of the rain, when there should have been hundreds (which meant barely any trick or treating).

My sister found a red pajama onsie at a thrift store, so really this last minute costume came together in a flash. I just sewed up a stuffed lobster tail, and two big pinchers, then pinned them on using safety pins. I thought about sewing it right on, but my nap time sewing time slot ran out, so safety pins won!

Eli attends a preschool at our local Career and Technical specialized high school. His teachers are mainly high school students who are learning Early Childhood education (he also has two adult certified preschool teachers who manage the highschoolers and guide them in their teaching the children. Seriously, I love this program. It’s amazing. Anyway, this brings awesome¬†opportunity¬†for him, and today, it meant they got to tour around in a costume parade to the whole school! Teachers and students loved seeing the wee ones all dressed up as they went door to door trick or treating.
The high schoolers learning to be firefighters dressed in full gear to hand the kids candy, and of course the kids went crazy over it! Seriously a blast! I love how Eli’s little lobster claw has to reach in to grab the candy!

We still¬†have¬†trick or treating in our neighborhood to do tonight, which would make 3 costume wearing events this year for Eli! 2/3 he has worn the costume. Here’s hoping tonight will make it 3/3!


Finished Halloween Costume

24 Oct

An old friend contacted me and asked me if I could follow this tutorial for her for a Carrie Bradshaw {Sex and the City} Halloween costume. It looked simple enough and I was ahead of the game on my Christmas gifts sewing, so I took it on.

She found her own thrifted slip to sew the tulle onto, and away we went.

The tutorial was not too bad, although she wasn’t clear on the closure. My friend din’t want the big bow, so we used clips to make a belt for the satin band. The very top layer of tulle is actually attached to the satin band. About half way through, i realized that the tutorial skirt was actually more like an apron. She tired the whole thing together and didn’t slip it on using the elastic of a slip. So I improvised. I kept the elastic in tact and used my handy new sewing on jersey techniques, so it’s still¬†functional¬†{hence the satin belt instead of¬†permanent¬†attachment}. Because of the elastic already being in place, I also had a hard time getting even layers all the way down, although it’s not¬†noticeable¬†when someone is wearing it, it’s one of those perfectionist things that bothers me. If I had to do it over, I would just make the skirt from scratch instead of using a thrifted slip, or make it apron style instead.

After I snapped these photos, I realized the bottom layer was a bit too low, so I took it up an inch. It now sits underneath the middle layer nicely! Overall I am really happy with the end product, and hopefully my friend is as well!

Expanding a Sweater

21 Aug

This sweater was extremely small in the arms. My dad works for Abercrombie & Fitch, and he was lucky enough to go to a sample sale. I was thrilled to receive a few bags from said sale, but he accidentally grabbed a couple bags that were smalls and boys smalls, even! I took two sweaters and combined them to make a sweater that fits!

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Kitchen Spill Mat

18 Jul


I whipped this bad baby up today in a flash!


It will live on our kitchen floor and be available for those quick spills as they happen!


Spilled milk? Step on it, slide it over, and done! Then throw it in the wash when it needs a good cleaning. The bottom is an absorbent cotton originally intended for lining a changing table. I used fleece on the top to prevent small spills from touching your feet as you clean and I used a decorative stitch to slap a “C” {our last name initial} on the top to make it look cute. And to let the whole family know it’s a whole family job.

Now excuse me while I go clean the floors so we can keep them cleaner, easier!

Stay tuned for a new shirt I made during the kids naptime!

Mother’s Day Sew Along

14 May

I’m the one in the middle, wearing my inspiration shirt. It was a refashion of my husbands shirt. I opened the collar to match the silhouette of my mother’s shirt, and the back was a huge scoop neck with a decorative band across the shoulder that also functioned as support.
Knits are so hard to sew! But I feel like I learned a lot.


This was a sew along with http://circle.sewweekly.com/

Have you ever participated in a sew along?

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