Blog Love

Let’s admit it, Pinterest is one of the best things to happen to the internet since Facebook. Especially, for creatives like ourselves. {Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest by clicking the button on the sidebar!} One thing that I love about Pinterest is the ability to see one picture from a site to represent one idea, you don’t have to follow that blog just for one idea! {YAY}

That being said, when I do want to keep a whole website in mind, I have a hard time remembering that I liked the whole website as I’m pinning along. Or I find I have pinned 20 things from the same blog! So, as I find helpful, knowledge filled, beautiful blogs that I keep going back to time and time again, I’ll add them here. So you can stalk them, too. We’ll stalk together!

Favorite Blogs:

Hand Embroidery / Quilting:  {Lovely Embroidery 101! But they cover lots of quilting information. They make me want to start quilting, beautiful!} {I learned how to bind a quilt from one of their videos, very well done, and very helpful!}

Sewing (General) {I love this site, so many tutorials and guides to the basics. Oh, and LOTS of free projects!} {amazing tutorial section!}

Community {I have linked this site several times with their sew-a-longs, and weekly challenges. If you’re interested in the sewing world and the people who love it too, it’s perfect}

P.S. I’ll keep adding as I find myself stalking more and more, so check back!


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